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Zagan the Terrible

Zagan the Terrible


Zagan the Terrible was one of the most evil spirited beings ever to grace this earth. Unfortunately he was very good at baseball. This created a very tough connundrum for the newly formed professional baseball league of the time. Zagan was so skilled at the game, he often made a mockery of the opposing team and sometimes his own. Zagan could hit the ball into the foreheads of any of the in-fielders. This resulted in many concussions and teams being forced to forfeit in the third inning in some of the worst cases. The crowds that flocked to see Zagan were unprecidented for the time period and infancy of the League. Eventually the league decided to excommunicate Zagan because of the number of deaths on the field. They simply could not staff enough professional players on the field to keep the games going after a number of seasons.

Kaddy Wampus Art
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